December 2017
Friday 1st - 5pm to 9pm
Saturday 2nd - 4pm to 9pm
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Support Dunster by Candlelight


Dunster by Candlelight is always looking for volunteers:

- Marshalls
- Stewards
- Collecting
- Setup of stalls

Would you like to play a part as a vital member of the Dunster by Candlelight team. If you have some spare time in November and December and are keen to get involved then we would love to hear from you.

We would train you for any area that needs specific training

You would need to be over 18

Be friendly and responsible.

If you feel you could help please fill in the contact form on this website with your name, age, address, telephone and e-mail address and any experience that you think would be helpful, and we will contact you.

Traders and Stall Holders

We have a great many inquiries from trades people who want to come and sell their wares at Candlelight. We don’t have outside traders as, Dunster by Candlelight is run and paid for by the traders of Dunster. Also we only have a license to cover the stalls run by our own Dunster Charities.

Dunster businesses that choose to have a stall can only have one immediately outside their premises and only sell items that they normally sell in connection their day-to-day business.

General Public

The general public can take part following the Lantern Lighting Procession on the Friday and/or Saturday at 5pm. We You don’t have to ‘dress up’ to be a follower but if you would like to do so, that would be nice. As Dunster is a Medieval village the theme is medieval.


If you have any photos of Candlelight we would love to see them and if suitable we may ‘post’ them in the Gallery section.

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